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Exterior lights that accentuate the beauty of homes are a great addition for any home or property owner. Our Nolensville landscape lighting technicians are experts in design, repair, replacement and exterior light installation! 

Contact our team located in Central Tennessee for a free quote to discuss the specifics of your landscape lighting needs.  

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Why Choose Our Nolensville Landscape Lighting Experts?

At Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes our expert lighting consultants have experience in exterior lighting solutions on residential and commercial properties. 

With dozens of five star Google reviews, satisfied customers have outstanding things to say regarding our work ethic, pricing and availability. 

Outdoor LED Light Installation in Nolensville, TN | Family Owned & Locally Operated

LED lights are a beautiful addition to any exterior setting. Lights accentuate architecture, walkways, steps, gardens and other exterior settings in need of improvements.

Light-emitting diodes offer a high level of energy efficiency and many practical benefits. LED lights require substantially less energy than a halogen lamp and last longer with a smaller environmental impact and maintenance requirements.

LED fixtures provide beautification, low energy costs and power transformers are able to convert many existing power systems to tap into the existing grid. With low voltage options, there is no need to upgrade a property’s circuit breaker! 

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Low Voltage Lights?

Outdoor lighting elements provide a number of practical and aesthetically pleasing benefits. Some benefits of outdoor lights include:

  • Safer path of movement 
  • Extends usable living space
  • Increases property value 
  • Improves curb appeal 
  • Acts as a deterrent to unwanted animals and visitors 

Exterior landscape lights add beautiful lighting solutions that extend the living space of any given home. Outdoor luminaries help minimize the potential of falls and dark paths of movement. Exterior landscape lighting solutions help minimize otherwise preventable injuries with at risk individuals.


What Types of Exterior Lights Do We Offer?

Exterior lights provide benefits to a number of exterior surfaces. Some of the most popular areas for outdoor lights include:

  • Paths
  • Trails
  • Gardens
  • Accents
  • Lawns
  • Stairs

Low voltage lights are our speciality! We cater to the clients needs to improve the decor, ambience and safety of a given space. 

Exterior lights are weather tested, weather resistant and engineered to last! With years or low voltage lighting experience, our team understands the nuances and provides the highest level of customer service to every job! 

Outdoor Lighting Designs | Williamson County 

Our customized landscape lighting services in Nolensville, TN are designed for beautiful, practical and functional living areas. Expand the living area and enjoy more of what you love with the addition of outdoor lighting solutions! 

Under utilized and poorly lit areas can undergo transformations into beautiful outdoor spaces that utilize low voltage lighting solutions. Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes is the go to source for outdoor lighting design and installation in Williamson County. 

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Ready to take outdoor areas to the next level? Our highly experienced and respected team of landscape lighting experts is here to help. 

Contact us for a free consultation at (615) 662-HVAC to discuss the specifics of your lighting job. We offer design, customized quotes and LED low voltage lighting options to meet the needs of Williamson County, TN. Our team is available seven days a week. We strive to earn business once and then be the go to resource for HVAC and landscape lighting needs!