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At Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes our experienced technicians provide the expertise and know how to design and provide beautiful exterior landscapes and nightscapes! Our Belle Meade landscape lighting experts offer bespoke solutions for outdoor lighting needs in Davidson County and across Central Tennessee.

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Our locally owned and operated HVAC team in Belle Meade solves landscape lighting needs. We are proud to serve Nashville and the surrounding areas. We provide the best landscape lighting solutions in Belle Meade, TN and we guarantee customer satisfaction! 

With dozens and dozens of five star reviews on Google, our technicians provide the professionalism, transparency and affordable solutions to meet the demands of the region. Contact the best Belle Meade landscape lighting technicians at (615) 662-HVAC for a free quote!

Low Voltage Lighting Experts in Davidson County, TN 

Decades of low voltage lighting experience separates our business from our competition. Our Belle Meade landscape lighting technicians offer beautiful custom low voltage light solutions. 

Exterior low voltage lights are an ideal solution for many homeowners in Davidson County. Low voltage landscape lights do not require power or panel upgrades to the existing power grid. Our experienced lighting installation team transforms the power to the standard twelve volt to accommodate the existing power infrastructure. 

Once installed, low voltage exterior lights do not consume large amounts of electricity. Exterior lights need minimal upkeep and are suitable for the variable temperatures homeowners experience in Central Tennessee. 


Outdoor Lights for Residential Properties | Belle Meade, TN 

Looking to expand the usable space on a residential property? Exterior low voltage lights are the ideal solution for landscape and exterior lighting needs in Nashville. 

These practical lighting additions accentuate the existing beauty of the property. Custom solutions provide visibility and accentuate hedges, paths, hardscaping elements and additional outdoor space.

Where are Landscape Lights Frequently Placed? 

Landscape lights improve the safety and visibility of any outdoor living area. From curbside appeal on the front lawn that accentuate and highlight the architectural beauty of a home.

Looking to expand the livable area of a home? Low voltage landscape lights provide the solutions homeowners need. 

Landscape lights can be placed in any outdoor area and are low maintenance and suitable for all weather conditions. Some of the most popular placement of exterior lights include:


Outdoor lights are a great addition to gardens. Expand the usable space and increase the living and usable areas of a property with garden lights. 

Walkways & Paths 

Tired of having to use phone lights and flashlights to watch your step at night? Landscape lights provide the perfect safety and illuminating solution for outdoor walkways. 

Improve the safety and livability of a property with low voltage lights. 


Front yards, back yards, side yards - whatever yard your natural or artificial turf is in, our landscape lighting experts accentuate the existing beauty. 

Lawns with ambient lights allow residents to utilize the spaces at all hours of a day while improving the curb appeal and value of a home. 


Do exterior stairs exist on your residential property? Outdoor lighting solutions provide the ability for a safer path of movement. 

Minimize the potential for injuries and decrease the liability with the addition of hardscape lighting solutions. 

Water Features

Outdoor pools, ponds and water features need low voltage lights to ensure residents and visitors can properly see and move around these water spaces. 

Our experienced lighting technicians understand the nuances and intricacies associated with low voltage lights and offer custom design and installation solutions.

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Ready to take the next step and improve the living quality of your property? Our experienced Belle Meade landscape lighting experts are here to help. 

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