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In need of Nashville heating repair services? Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes has the experience and expertise to install, repair and maintain heating systems across Nashville and Davidson County.

In the event that a heating issue is experienced, our Nashville Heating team is happy to come out to your residence to assist. We assist with the temperature variants and heating and cooling requirements.

Contact the heating repair and maintenance team for a free quote and discuss the specifics of your residential heating and HVAC needs. 

Nashville Heating Repair & Maintenance Resources:

Why Choose Us?

Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes is a locally owned and operated business. With years of HVAC and outdoor lighting solution experience we have completed hundreds of jobs in Davidson County, TN. Our business understands the complexities and best practices needed to solve the heating needs of Nashville. 

We are insured, bonded, licensed (TN License #79557) and carry workers comp. The company’s owner, Casey, is a Nashville resident and is proud to serve Nashville and the surrounding areas with HVAC, low voltage and outdoor lighting needs.

Excellent customer reviews confirm our business’ dedication to HVAC services. Free quotes are available at (615) 662-HVAC

What Areas Does Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes Serve?

We serve Nashville and the following areas with our HVAC needs:

We work with all HVAC manufacturers including American Standard, Honeywell, Rheem, Mitsubishi, Carrier and several other popular residential heating manufacturers.

Do I Need To Replace My Central Heating System?

Heating systems, like any appliance or device, wear down and eventually can break down over long periods of time. In many scenarios a furnace can last twenty years or longer

Heating systems that are properly maintained have longer lifespans than systems that are not maintained properly. Annual repairs help extend the lifespan of a furnace and can save money in home repairs in the long run.

What are Signs of a Broken Central Heating System?

  • Respiratory issues in household for residents
  • Variance in room temperatures
  • Unusual sounds including humming, rattling and squeaks
  • High energy bills

An HVAC specialist in Nashville can determine whether the systems requires a full repair or can be resolved with maintenance. 

What are Signs My Heating System Needs Maintenance?

There are a number of warning signs associated with maintenance needs of a heating system. Maintenance symptoms can include:

  • Yellow pilot lights
  • Poor air quality 
  • Debris and dust buildup near vents
  • High energy bills 

When Nashville residents are in need of heating maintenance, trust the experienced team at Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes!


Property Manager Heating Repair Nashville, TN

Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes offers annual maintenance plans and on call services to help reduce and respond to emergency HVAC issues. Our HVAC Maintenance Services help property managers with HVAC services.

Moonlight HVAC and Nightscapes provides annual services and inspections to help Airbnb hosts and property managers resolve their HVAC issues with furnace issues, ductless mini split repairs and more!

Additionally, annual maintenance helps reduce energy costs and provides cleaner airflow for units. 

Annual HVAC Maintenance Plans

Our HVAC company offers annual maintenance plans that are perfect for property managers and airbnb hosts in Nashville. We offer inspection packages including:

Yearly Air Conditioning Inspection 

  • Inspect all electrical connections and tighten
  • Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge
  • Check/Clean condensate drains
  • Test water safety device operations
  • Test capacitors
  • Test thermostat operations
  • Inspect and clean all coils
  • Check voltage and amperage draw on all motors

Yearly Heating Inspection

  • Check voltage and amp draws on all motors
  • Check/Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise
  • Clean and adjust pilot light assembly
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Check furnace for cracked heat exchanger
  • Clean burners and controls
  • Adjust gas pressures if needed
  • Check vent pipe for safe operation
  • Heat Pump
  • Check system pressures/superheat and subcooling
  • Check amp draws on all motors
  • Test capacitors
  • Test heater kit operations
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Test defrost operations

Annual Membership Perks

  • Yearly air conditioning maintenance
  • Yearly heating maintenance
  • 10% Discount off all parts and service
  • Priority scheduling
  • No emergency service rates

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Need Heating Service in Nashville - our team is here to help. The experienced Nashville heating technicians help with installations, repair and maintenance. 

Free quotes are available. Contact us at (615) 662-HVAC or via our online contact form.